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    by John Ward

    To your left right here is proof of simply how foolish the veneration of Poor Little Ukraine has now change into within the Western MSM. For the primary time in its historical past, La Dépeche has dropped its red-top id in favour of the blue and yellow of Volodomyr Zelensky’s fiefdom, in celebration of what it calls a “heroic resistance” to Russian aggression.

    In doing so, the paper is in illustrious firm, in that the Davos HQ of the WEF and the London bastion of MI6 can be flying the blue-yellow ensign. So you will get some thought of simply how “aligned” one among France’s main tabloids now could be. The complete set of Western media is at present following a Ukraine narrative each bit as ignorant, mendacious and divorced from actuality as “lethal” Covid and its mRNA “vaccines” ever have been.

    On each stage of society – from micro by to macro – the Fact is both absent – or inconceivable to discern with any diploma of certainty.

    Shurely shome mishtake?

    Our superb Ministry of Fact – ever watchful within the combat towards enemy propaganda – has determined that Russia In the present day is displaying indicators of bias and should subsequently be severely admonished. Clearly, every part is tickerty-boo in our mainstream media, so Ofcom has sufficient time on its palms to do an additional twelve investigations into RT wickedness.

    Con Coughlin (lengthy referred to as an MI6 stooge) headlines his piece in at present’s Telegraph, ‘The oligarchs are turning on Russia’s new Tsar’. Two (that’s 2) oligarchs have issued statements condemning the invasion, and one among them is Ukrainian, so he would say that. There are estimated to be 35 oligarchs in Russia. Yesterday’s Peter Brookes cartoon featured a gross exaggeration of a narrative (that seems to have been full fiction) about ladies and youngsters being ‘herded off to jail’:

    One other “story” within the Smellynaff pronounces ‘Vladimir Putin’s commanders can be hunted down for battle crimes, says Dominic Raab’. The piece omits to say what the crimes are, neither is there any signal that Boris and Dom have any inside observe on the problem. One other publish says it’s Putin’s “clear intention to divide the nation in two”. That piece too is an evidence-free zone.

    The Mail says Kherson is the primary main Ukrainian metropolis to fall. First? Garbage – it’s truly way over that: Zelensky himself gave a terse ‘no remark’ on whether or not the Russians have seized a number of cities. It provides that ‘an enormous explosion rocked Kyiv’ final evening ‘in one other brutal assault’. Actually, the primary railway station constructing suffered minor harm, and there are not any reviews of casualties. Plainly inhabitants ‘heard an enormous bang and noticed flashing lights’. Think about that. And in the course of a battle, too….no matter subsequent?

    The Mirror headlines that ‘Mercenaries from the Wagner Group are have been handed a hit-list of 24 males in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, together with President Volodymyr Zelensky and the 2 Klitschko brothers’. Zelensky is quoted as saying elsewhere within the paper that the ‘as much as 4,000 sturdy’ group of ‘notorious thugs’ have already been caught and killed, however in all probability solely gently. The subed who dreamed up the numbers clearly acquired over-excited and ran with ‘are have been handed’. I are haven’t been given any proof for that however I are anticipate the hack initially typed ‘are? have been?’ and it went in as was. The Mirror admits to having “one supply”, quoted as saying, “It’s run by intelligence operatives, particular forces and a few extraordinarily blood-soaked individuals who have executed very unhealthy issues.” Blood-soaked and really unhealthy and harmful to know, however to not fear as a result of Volodymyr killed all as much as 4,000 of them. No examples or names are provided, however Mr Onesource provides that “In Donbass one member is suspected of rounding up native residents into Donetsk police station, and having them tortured and killed, with their rotting, mutilated corpses deposited in outstanding positions as warnings”. We don’t know who it was, who suspected he did it, and who he was attempting to warn.

    Even the outdated neocon Thundering Monetary Instances at present runs with ‘Vladimir Putin, Russia’s resentful chief, takes the world to battle…..Pent-up anger with the west and a fixation on Ukraine make him extra aggressive and unpredictable than ever’.

    However there’s clearly nothing in any respect to fret Ofcom in all this rubbish. Fairly proper too. Don’t there’s a battle on?

    Anyway, as Howling Mad Canine Lone Loopy Wolf Rasputin reaches for the nuclear possibility, two issues are equally clear to anybody nonetheless in possession of an open thoughts with some content material beneath the arachnoid zone. First, Western élite propaganda is setting us up for the distinct chance of régime change within the Kremlin; and second, no person is speaking in regards to the largest depopulation poisoning plot in recorded historical past any extra.

    From the outset of the Vlad-goading season, the intention of Western political leaders and the MSM has been to current Putin as inhuman, obsessed, deranged, irrational and inconceivable to manage. No mainstream journalist (other than Peter Hitchens en passant) has but referred to the 1,300 kilometres NATO/EU has gained territorially since 1997 on the expense of the outdated USSR….regardless of a agency on-the-record promise from US President George Bush Snr that NATO “wouldn’t transfer a single inch” eastwards in the direction of the Russian border. Little or no protection has been forthcoming in regards to the billions of US {dollars} poured into Ukraine to construct NATO NGOs and biolabs engaged in leading edge mRNA/Graphene weapons growth. No protection in any respect has been centred on wholesale ceasefire violations by the Zelensky régime after the 2014 unpleasantness.

    However as a result of he objects to this stealthy advance, Putin is a madman.

    Now the emphasis of brainless propaganda has switched to Vlad’s ‘threatened’ place at residence. This too is with out basis. Just a few oligarchs are hacked off about catching a chilly on the Western inventory markets on account of the invasion and subsequent sanctions – however this weakens their home affect….and anyway, the President controls all of the armed and safety forces within the Russian Federation. The most recent opinion survey among the many Russian public exhibits an enormous bounce in Putin’s standing as a tricky chief.

    Getting nowhere on that entrance, Tuesday’s Western media output centered on crybaby Russian deserters with out sneakers handing of their weapons and going residence, disillusioned by the failure of their forces to make a breakthrough. It’s now apparent, nevertheless, that the Russian chief plans a seaborne touchdown within the South, successfully controls Kharkiv and is breaking the resistance in Kiev. There are not any Russians going residence.

    Younger Impaler

    Information simply in reviews that former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark is urging US President Joe Biden to model Vladimir Putin as a battle legal, as a result of that might “rally European assist much more strongly — European governments are all attentive to the idea of battle crimes. Secondly, it reinforces Ukraine by supporting President Zelensky. And third, if it goes by, it means the top of Putin as a world chief regardless of how this seems. It’s a really highly effective transfer. Putin doesn’t actually care in regards to the cash. He does care about his fame — and so does China.”

    Therefore the ranting of Raab, Zelensky’s ludicrous claims about mercenaries being despatched to provide him a lead poison injection, and a manufactured story that includes the arrest and torture of Underneath Fives In opposition to Putin .

    Now all this worries me enormously, as a result of the CIA controllers across the White Home hologram actually are simply megalomaniacal sufficient to take out Putin, and disguise it as an Oligarch hit. I imply, they acquired away with blaming JFK’s public execution on former defector Lee Oswald…, um, why not?

    Don’t shoot the messenger right here: these individuals steal elections, purchase judiciaries and contribute enormously to the US stats on excessive profile individuals falling out of excessive rise places of work and careering off roads in “single automobile visitors accidents”. Such a caper wouldn’t be that large a deal for them.

    It could be for us in fact, however we don’t rely.

    One of many causes we don’t rely is that – allegedly – 85% of us outdoors Africa have been pumped stuffed with nano-particles of mRNA particles in a brass-necked try to steer frightened zombies that this presents immunity towards a virus with, on common, round 24 possibilities in 10,000 of killing them….however a lot larger probabilities of being allowed darn the boozer seeking thoughts alteration – or the Costa del Solace seeking international heating.

    To be frank, I stay confused as as to if dicing with thermo-nuclear battle was a deliberate or merely “comfortable” coincidental distraction for the Dystopians. All one can observe with a level of certainty is that plucky Ukraine has blown Truckers, Intrudeau and beleaguered Pharma crooks off the radar with the power of a 200 megaton soiled hydrogen bomb.

    However the collapse of the worldwide pharma narrative continues – albeit for now as Noises Off.

    A defeat for the US FDA in a Texas district court docket compelled the company final Tuesday to begin releasing a treasure trove of a whole lot of hundreds of paperwork associated to its evaluation of Pfizer’s “secure and efficient” Covid-19 “vaccine”. The nonprofit that gained the court docket case, referred to as the Public Well being and Medical Professionals for Transparency, promptly launched the Pfizer paperwork on its web site. Anti-vax lawyer Aaron Siri, a managing associate of the agency Siri & Glimstad who represented the nonprofit, was quoted as asserting that “the federal government needed to cover the information by ready to totally produce what it relied upon to license this product till nearly each American alive at present is lifeless”.

    That’s a fairly critical cost to intention on the Fauci tendency; however clearly, it presents a significant alternative for RFK Jr to pile right into a critical forensic investigation.

    During the last three months, I’ve had the sensation on a number of ranges of being nothing however a pawn. I’m sick to dying of pathetically infantile makes an attempt made by others impinging on my life to steer me that a proof riddled with holes is anyplace even near a real account of how I’ve been patronised, flattered, manipulated, managed and used as a way of excusing their sociopathy.

    For an clever and analytical particular person, there isn’t any better insult than the idea of gullibility so as to add to the harm of betrayal. To belief the phrase of somebody – for whom we have now felt a level of admiration – after which discover that belief woefully misplaced is a dagger thrust into the soul.

    It actually makes little or no distinction whether or not that particular person was an outdated buddy who fell quick in foul climate, a brand new amour who turned out to be fabricated from straw, or an individual in public life with whom one had all the time felt an affinity. The sense of loss, disappointment and private error of judgement sticks within the throat, and we discover ourselves muttering, “How did I get that particular person so fallacious?”

    It’s unhappy to achieve that stage within the twilight of a life, as a result of it creates a vacuum the place as soon as there had been confidence and hope. Final week I reached the over-ripe age of 74. It’s onerous to hearken to the phrases, “Simply lower your losses and transfer on”. In the event you can solely see half a face at a time, if the State makes journey insupportable, if the media bombard you with heinous lies, if the truth of tried homicide on a planetary scale is simple, if clever individuals parrot idiocies, if your loved ones begins to see you as a mad particular person, and if one has acted in good religion upon guarantees so casually damaged, the place precisely is the sufferer purported to “transfer on” to?

    I keep in mind one electronic mail change from January, wherein an individual wrote angrily to me, “Look, we’ve established that I’m the unhealthy man on this historical past, so what the fuck else would you like?” My vastly restrained reply was, “The Fact”.

    That’s clearly, in 2022, way over narcissists assume we deserve. Most likely, it all the time has been. All the identical, it doesn’t make it any simpler to bear.




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