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Foreign exchange Velocity, Superior value motion buying and selling

Very long time search of worthwhile foreign currency trading robotic ends right here!

You will note what  foreign exchange Velocity is and why it’s a  big discovery, Its technique is likely one of the best to be developed for algo buying and selling within the final 4-5 years (in all probability even longer).

The  entire new idea in foreign currency trading that modifications your buying and selling eternally, Probably the most superior foreign currency trading algorithm, primarily based on a brand new value motion buying and selling technique, for optimum consistency and risk-free revenue.

Due to a newly developed  Velocity buying and selling algorithm that brings all advantages and offers retail dealer revenue alternative, by no means heard of.

Velocity buying and selling algorithm is  assure to shortly and safely seize revenue from market value motion.

Extremely predictable value actions fulfill ALL of the next standards:

  • Worth actions now are  extremely predictable, by way of value motion accuracy… one of many most important the reason why the Velocity buying and selling robotic has been in a position to stay so worthwhile for nearly years.

  • Only a few retail merchants know concerning the Velocity value actions it’s gone via, and the  quantity of revenue these modifications can produce (you’ll be shocked to see how  Velocity algorithm exploits them!).

  • Velocity buying and selling algorithm safely (and shortly) captures income with  minimal danger.

  • The danger/reward ratio, because of value motion reversal actions , is really unparalleled!

We assure you this:

Even should you don’t determine to grow to be a part of our valued “household”, after you learn our letter in DETAIL, you’ll nonetheless have an  unfair benefit over different merchants.

What unfair benefit?

  1. The Key purpose Why buying and selling with Velocity value motion technique is nearly synonymous with “risk-free” revenue (95 out of 100 folks studying this webpage would by no means have noticed this).

  2. Why nearly no retail dealer (i.e. your rivals!) is creating wealth with Velocity value motion revenue alternatives, which is found by our Velocity algorithm and used to our prior.

  3. How a Velocity foreign exchange robotic takes full benefit (with a really particular Velocity value motion technique that we’ll present you) with an unbelievable danger/reward ratio.

  4. How you can also make cash from quick value actions(not information) averaging  100 – 300 buying and selling alternatives for just one particular foreign exchange pair.

  5. How to make revenue from this particular market value motion habits (that’s manner higher and extra correct than predecessor foreign exchange robots and buying and selling methods, you may be shocked ).

  6. How Velocity buying and selling algorithm takes  full benefit from unstable markets.

  7. How and when huge spreads and slippage occurs and Why these two  aren’t disruptive elements for our Velocity value motion buying and selling robotic.

  8. You’ll have a transparent concept how the remainder of foreign exchange robots and methods work and why they’re all the identical(engaged on the identical precept). all run on future and newer earn cash. What it’s best to keep away from.

Earlier than we current you all  proof components that can  assure of  constant revenue:

Let’s take into account what occurs at this time in  international buying and selling.

We will see there are 1000’s of foreign currency trading robots that promise one factor,  revenue. However do they make any revenue?  1000’s of robots means nothing, they might be totally different however the idea of buying and selling is all the identical, primarily based on indicators that present solely common value and nothing extra.

For instance: there are greater than 30 normal indicators, So if we alter the mix of parameters we will create  tons of of 1000’s of indicators and buying and selling robots, however do they make any totally different buying and selling idea? really no as a result of default indicators present solely the typical value that occurred  earlier than up to now and it might probably’t take into account future actions of value, it is just to investigate what occurred up to now and so they have  zero chances.

Authors of foreign currency trading robots describe their robots as a secret technique, simply to make you curious about and suppose if buying and selling robotic actually works and wish to know what’s behind the secret technique, however in actuality buying and selling robots are primarily based on normal indicators and nothing extra.

That is  not case with Velocity foreign currency trading robotic, as a result of we are going to describe all  buying and selling technique and  buying and selling ideas in later this chapter to make clear consider how and why Velocity Knowledgeable Advisor  will work and why it’s totally different from all buying and selling robots at the moment out there available on the market, which represents entire new discovery and distinctive alternative to make constant revenue with minimal danger on future.

Now  take into account most necessary factor in buying and selling: Likelihood.

We will conclude that almost all necessary factor in buying and selling is  likelihood, why value motion occurs, what’s elements that causes value motion, what will increase market volatility and what modifications route of market.

Due to  likelihood it’s a issue that casinos earn cash, How? Let’s take into account:

There’s greater than tons of of video games in on line casino and never solely but in addition in playing actions, however all of them have one  identical precept, that’s you by no means get greater than  50% return(we do not talk about betting) often return Consists of  47% – 49% and for reverse facet participant(on line casino) greater than  50%, So chances are you’ll win little over brief time frame however all the time lose on future, that is simple arithmetic, you newer win when you’ve got lower than 50% of likelihood.

And that is  purpose why there’s so many buying and selling robots outdoors that straightforward would not work as a result of they’re primarily based on normal technical indicators that reveals solely common value and likelihood by no means exceed 50% it’s all the time much less plus unfold, value slippage and commissions that’s damaging issue for profitability.

However our  Velocity buying and selling algorithm is extra refined, over  80% of likelihood and  1/3,  1/5  danger/reward ratio is assure of  constant revenue. Why does it have such a  big likelihood and  revenue potential? You should have a transparent concept if you see and perceive the technique and it is working rules that’s described intimately within the technique part.

And there’s what we found in years of  expertise and locking to charts intently, market habits that occurs on a regular basis with big revenue potential that cannot seen by indicators, entire new  idea and  discovery in buying and selling, excellent buying and selling situations that occurs because of  value motion, it’s market habits that occurs as a result of it ought to, there’s no manner with out this motion.

So what’s  the technique and why is it so secure and worthwhile?

Primarily Velocity technique is predicated on pure  value motion and its purpose is to catch quick value motion attributable to buying and selling quantity modifications and elements that are not recognized for retail merchants.

Phrase “Velocity” is ideal identify for our buying and selling algorithm, as a result of it entertains on what entire buying and selling technique is predicated on, It’s supposed to  calculate value motion over very brief time frame in pips on one route that causes value to vary its route(makes pull backs), it has two sides, constructive: when value goes  UP after which goes  DOWN shortly(with out altering its route) and damaging: when value goes  DOWN after which goes  UP shortly(with out altering its route), that’s attributable to quick value motion on one route with out altering route earlier than  reversal motion. and easily it means value stage change in seconds. (like factor that makes actions shortly, however returns its authentic place, like one thing thrown in air that all the time falls on the bottom).

Merchants typically cannot detect such an motion and they do not know if there’s option to catch the revenue.

We take into account this motion under as  “foreign exchange Velocity” :

From this image we will clearly see value motion that returns its authentic value stage after quick motion in a single route over a really brief time frame.

Most necessary factor about such value motion is that it  returns its authentic place over  80% of time and danger(cease loss) could be very small about 2/3, 4/5 of commerce on most occasions that’s  assure of revenue and in addition it prevents drawdown dangers due to excessive profitability and brief cease loss that truly is trailing cease loss for maximal revenue.

So  why do these value actions occur and the way can or not it’s categorized as worthwhile and unprofitable?

There are numerous elements that causes such value actions, primarily actions that are not recognized for retail merchants, when important quantity of commerce quantity drops on promote it ended up transferring market  one route whereas different facet is cease losses and cease out ranges not solely from retail merchants but in addition establishments and huge banks causes  reversal value motion that’s  contributor issue for our  Velocity algorithm to catch the revenue.

Or just quick motion of value on one route, causes it to  reverse its route.

Lets take into account how foreign exchange Velocity is calculated :

We take seconds and value motion in  factors if we take 5 seconds and Velocity of 50 factors it implies that if there’s 50 level motion to 1 route in 5 seconds there’s  excessive reversal potential and trailing order is positioned with distance indicated by person in parameters to maximal safety and motion  solely in case if value reverses.

If value would not reverse its route, trailing pending order modifies and follows it to indicated distance, after value fees its route pending order is open with trailing cease loss that maximizes revenue potential, and potential return is far greater in comparison with loss, if any.

Let’s have a look at how this works:

We take into account  two elements of Velocity foreign currency trading: Amount and High quality.

So Let’s evaluate these two to one another.

If we take Amount as of our prioritized level it occurs extra typically however with small income, like time 5 second and Velocity 30 factors.

Within the case of High quality, customers can set time to 3 seconds and Velocity to 50 factors or extra. That  will increase potential revenue and reduces danger however it occurs extra randomly.

Merchants can set it contemplating the asset, in each circumstances Velocity algorithm proves excessive worthwhile potential with minimal danger.

How typically does Velocity value motion occur?

Velocity value motion occurs extra typically than you suppose and it is habits occurs on all foreign exchange pairs and never solely foreign exchange, but in addition different commerce devices too such is our favourite DE 30 index with very unstable actions and glued spreads and minimal commissions(on most brokers) it’s arguably higher asset to commerce than foreign exchange pairs.

If we take into account solely one foreign exchange pair for instance GBP/USD there’s common 3-10 Velocity value actions per day on common and 100-300 value actions monthly with optimum settings, it might range relying on buying and selling asset and commerce settings.

So how can or not it’s so worthwhile? Often there are numbers within the Velocity board that present the present Velocity of value, however there’s revenue potential when it goes from regular to quick motion in a single route that causes value reversal motion potential.

And yet one more contributor issue is that it might probably  catch speeches that trigger quick value motion and the sudden information that are not introduced. It has benefits for our Velocity algorithm as a result of slippage is not obstructive issue. since there aren’t mass of merchants who know what occurs and slippage in comparison with huge information, that are recognized for retail merchants are comparatively low.

Essential speeches that symbolize sudden information and have a huge impact available on the market trigger big  value motion with minimal slippage and with out big spreads. Essential speeches typically trigger 100, 200 and even 300 factors reversal potential that represents an enormous revenue alternative for our Velocity buying and selling algorithm to  catch the revenue.

This is the reason we take into account our  Velocity algorithm as an entire new idea within the buying and selling trade that represents pure value motion buying and selling technique with minimal danger and big revenue potential.

This  value motion market habits is true for quite a few buying and selling belongings that means foreign exchange pairs(majors),  metals and  fairness indexes, however customers can attempt different belongings too if they need. As a result of our Velocity buying and selling skilled advisor represents buying and selling software that isn’t restricted in any manner.

  1. No Slippage

    Slippage. it is not obstructive issue since velocity algorithm doesn’t commerce on huge information, as a substitute of reports it evaluates market volatility and catches necessary truth value actions on one route which often aren’t recognized for retail merchants, causes so little or no slippage what so ever and plenty of different quick value actions represents revenue issue with out slippage.

  2. No Vast Spreads

    Tight Spreads. Since Velocity value motion is not recognized for the mass of merchants there’s a mean unfold on quick value motion that does not occur on information when there’s so big unfold and slippage it’s not possible to revenue from information generally.

  3. Information Filter

    Information is not precedence for our Velocity algorithm as a result of it newer trades on excessive unstable information due to unfold filter it solely trades when there’s revenue potential.

  4. NO (“Server is busy”) Dealer’s Server Delay Downside

    It reduces the chance to a minimal for the dealer to expertise the “server is busy” downside, this downside is not recognized for a lot of retail merchants however it’s extra harmful than slippage and unfold, Why? on information when there’s big commerce quantity dealer servers overload to allow them to’t course of retail dealer requests and as a substitute of finishing cease loss order, there’s message “server is busy ” and retail dealer could find yourself buying and selling with big loss. Due to Velocity algorithm it newer trades on excessive unstable information that absorbs such issues.

  5. Velocity algorithm Don’t use martingale, grid or any harmful technique.

NO margin required

Dealer can commerce with none margin in order that simply 0.01 lot is required. Velocity robotic can commerce with as little as $3 account, The report under reveals commerce exercise with solely $3 account.

Reside efficiency

Technique take a look at outcomes

Technique tester outcomes present unbelievable outcomes with excessive revenue issue and low drawdown in a number of months.

                                      Obtain now:


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