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by Charles Hugh-Smith

Dependancy is lethal, and no quantity of artifice can obscure that this financial habit and collapse is the results of one Pusher: the Federal Reserve.

To speak in regards to the Federal Reserve elevating charges and decreasing “easing” as a coverage error is like saying the fentanyl addict who reduces his day by day dose is making a coverage error. In in the present day’s absurd excessive of denial, pundits by no means speak about beginning the habit as a coverage error; solely ending the habit is a coverage error.

In different phrases, that the American economic system is hooked on financial smack is simply nice; it’s the withdrawal from habit that terrifies all of the addicts. The monetary punditry is beside itself with terror on the prospect that the staggering quantity of financial fentanyl being injected into the addiction-addled monetary system may decline a tiny bit; oh please, Mr. Pusher (the Fed), give us a bit extra smack day by day, each week, each month, so we will really feel the fantastic excessive of asset bubbles without end and ever.

Alas, simply because the addict’s shattered physique finally offers out because the Pusher will increase the day by day dose, the American economic system is collapsing below the habit stoked by the system’s Pusher, the Federal Reserve. Whether or not the system is nominally “capitalist,” “socialist” or “theocratic,” capital should earn a yield above the speed of inflation.

If capital earns a yield lower than inflation, the buying energy of that capital tendencies towards zero because it loses worth each hour of day by day. When the capital has been eroded by inflation lengthy sufficient, the system collapses, no matter what label you slap on it.

The complete level of the Pusher / Fed’s financial habit is to scale back small-scale capital’s yield to lower than zero, i.e. a yield lower than inflation. Confronted with financial savings shedding worth day by day, the homeowners of small-scale capital are then pressured to both spend the capital on consumption or place it on the playing tables within the inventory market on line casino, the place the Home all the time wins.

Massive-scale capital wins large within the Pusher / Fed’s addictive scheme: firms can borrow billions for subsequent to nothing and use the Fed’s free cash for financiers to purchase again their shares, boosting the wealth of insiders and main shareholders.

Financiers can borrow billions at charges decrease than inflation and use the billions to take over corporations, break them up, dump the items, take some chunks personal after which take these items public, reaping large features for doing nothing however utilizing the Pusher / Fed’s free cash for financiers.

Banks and lenders make out like bandits, creating cash at near-zero price and loaning it to debt-serfs for scholar loans, auto loans and bank card debt at excessive charges of curiosity. Because of the Pusher / Fed, large-scale capital can borrow billions at 1% (decrease than inflation) after which purchase bonds yielding way more.

With 30-year fastened standard mortgage charges near 4%, we’ve to ask: if real-world (i.e. un-gamed) inflation exceeds 4%, then why would capital settle for a yield decrease than inflation?

The reply is the Pusher / Fed’s financial fentanyl. Now that the Pusher / Fed has fully distorted danger, yield and asset valuations, assessments of danger are not related to actuality, and neither is the price of capital (yields).

The true coverage error was made way back, when the Fed addicted the monetary system and economic system to financial stimulus that fully distorted danger and yields to stripmine small-scale capital and sluice all of the features to large-scale capital.

In abstract: the Pusher /Fed’s fat-cat buddies made trillions whereas the economic system has reached the purpose the place chilly turkey withdrawal is simply too harmful to ponder. Dependancy is lethal, and no quantity of artifice can obscure that this financial habit and collapse is the results of one Pusher: the Federal Reserve.



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