Darvas Field Technique Arrows and Scanner – Buying and selling Methods – 13 February 2022


This technique is greatest used for Pattern based mostly buying and selling. Whereas market is trending, value nonetheless makes smaller ranges.

Darvas packing containers present breakouts from these small ranges, whereas nonetheless following the unique market pattern.

If Scanner p.c may be very much less, means pair is in low volatility or general market is ranging and must be averted.

Use fewer Max Previous Bars in scanner like 500 when scalping. To get most up-to-date pattern outcomes.

Free scanner:

Scanner wants the Arrows ex4 file to work.

And Demo:

Demo solely works for Arrows indicator on EURUSD or USDJPY or AUDUSD. Doesn’t work with the scanner.




  • Verify for a Darvas Field arrow
    • Max Field Top
    • Min Field Top
    • Max entry distance from Darvas Field


  • Excessive Quantity Bars Verify (max 3)
  • Worth and MA Verify
  • NRTR Pattern Verify
  • MA Slope Verify
  • Heiken Course
  • HTF MA Verify


Hooked up with publish: NRTR, Heiken, Darvas, VolumeCandles

Word that Darvas Arrows exhibits solely Arrows and Debug messages. To see Darvas packing containers, use the above indicators and pattern template.

For a scanner to work, iCustom must be referred to as. And iCustom requires lower than 64 settings.

So, extra choices can’t be added to this technique. As scanner choices are maxed out 🙂

Detailed Understanding:

Major Darvas Settings:

Take a look at Darvas Defined to see Darvas properties in better particulars:

Darvas Packing containers Settings Defined

Min/Max Field Top:

You’ll be able to outline one of the best field heights utilizing this for every timeframe. Go away clean to take away these checks.

Use crosshair instrument to calculate Min/Max heights or distances:

Cross Hair Instrument For Level Distances

Max Entry Distance From Darvas (Factors): The Distance used is factors between Darvas field nearest edge and Entry value (shut value) at arrow sign bar.

This distance must be lower than specified factors on this setting. Go away clean to take away this verify.

MA Verify:

For BUY verify if value is above MA, and for SELL verify if value is under MA.

If “ Darvas Field crossed MA” true, Darvas field Prime must be above MA and backside under MA. It is because value at all times retraces again to MA. So beginning a commerce with a field close to MA will give greatest outcomes.

Worth Above/Under MA: Worth sort to be checked. Conserving Shut value is greatest right here.

Num Quantity Bars: You’ll be able to choose 0-3 bars. And it’ll verify whole previous 3 bars for top quantity. Suppose this quantity is 2, then out of three bars (together with sign bar), at the very least 2 ought to have excessive Quantity.

It makes use of the indicator VolumeCandles.ex4 for Quantity calculations. Accessible above in downloads part.

Detailed description right here:


NRTR Verify:

Verify NRTR Pattern. If Pattern is Upwards there will probably be a blue line and Downwards pattern has a purple line.

Learn extra about NRTR intimately right here:

NRTR Defined

MA Slope Verify:

Use slope verify to see if that MA is sloped Up or Down for Purchase or Promote.

It makes use of the Slope MA Indicator accessible right here:


MA Slope Video Tutorial:


For Purchase, it can verify if slope is above the Slope Threshold. For Promote, it can verify if slope is under the detrimental -Slope Threshold.

It makes use of the Radian Normalized Slope sort for locating the MA’s slope. Normalizing the slope values are essential, so that every one timeframes have comparable slope values.

Since this slope is normalized, it’s values can change just a little over time.

However slope is calculated solely as soon as for all bars initially. After which just for new bars since then. So there is no such thing as a repainting. However for those who reload the indicator another time, then slope values may change.


Different Settings:

Use Heiken to verify if present heiken pattern is aligned with sign course. Set Heiken interval 2 worth as extra like 13, for smoother heiken and longer tendencies.

Set heiken interval 2 worth as low like 4 for smaller pattern scalping.

Min Heiken Candle Size (Factors): To verify that Heiken candle physique is at the very least this minimal size. Go away clean to maintain this verify off.

Values must be like


and so forth, for all timeframes you might be utilizing. Please use crosshairs instrument to seek out greatest heiken ashi lengths. Word that protecting heiken candles very clean will trigger it to have very small physique.

So preserve this verify off, if utilizing Heiken Smoothed like with earlier instance of two and 13 interval.

  • Larger and Decrease Timeframes MA Verify:

Verify if value is above MA (UPTrend) for BUY and under MA (Downtrend) for SELL on chosen variety of Larger Timeframes.

If present timeframe is H1 and Num of HTF is 2, and sign is BUY, then it can verify if H4 and D1 each for an Uptrend. And vice-versa for SELL.


When discovering longer tendencies, it’s higher to verify if present TF pattern is aligned with larger timeframe pattern.


Win/Loss Calculations:

Detailed scalper frequent settings and win/loss defined:

Scalper Widespread Settings Defined

  • Fastened SL and TP Distances (Major)
  • Variable StopLoss:
    • At Darvas Field Edge
    • Or at Final variety of Pivot factors. Suppose Num is 2 Pivots. Then it can discover the bottom/highest of the two pivots for BUY/SELL and place SL.
    • Or at MA which is used for the MA Verify
  • StopLoss Further Factors: These factors will probably be added to the calculated Cease Loss

Different Options:

  • Debug Textual content to point out Why a Sign is skipped
  • Choose Begin Shift and Max Previous Bars to Scan
  • Modify Arrows
  • Refresh Each given variety of Ticks


Debug Message Meanings:

Debug messages present what’s taking place behind the scenes  ?

The inexperienced messages point out that the sign was BUY and purple messages point out that the sign was SELL.

This message is the one one which exhibits {that a} sign has occurred:

Darvas field top is lower than the MIN Field Top set in settings for that timeframe

Darvas field top is greater than the MAX Field Top set in settings for that timeframe

The space between Darvas field edge and shut value (sign entry value) is greater than the MAX level distance for that timeframe

Darvas Arrow Sign occurred and Min/Max and Entry Distance checks handed

Worth isn’t above MA for BUY and under MA for SELL

If “Darvas Field crossed MA” true, Darvas field Prime must be above MA and backside under MA. This verify failed.

Darvas Arrow Sign not in the direction of ongoing NRTR Pattern

‘x’ variety of Excessive Quantity bars will not be there in previous 3 bars.

Heiken Pattern isn’t aligned with present sign sort BUY/SELL

Present Timeframe MA slope isn’t past threshold. For BUY, it must be above Threshold. For SELL it must be under -Threshold. In any other case sign is skipped

Larger timeframe MA checked and for BUY HTF value isn’t above MA and for SELL value isn’t under MA. The HTF for which MA verify failed may also be proven.


How To Commerce:

Commerce solely trending market. When a great pattern has began.

Default settings are greatest for M30 timeframe.

Greatest to commerce M15+ at the very least. Smaller timeframe like M1 can have unpredictable tendencies. So watch out scalping on M1 and M5.


Be Cautious:

Don’t commerce throughout ranging markets. As this may give losses. And ensure volatility is sweet.

Don’t commerce when market is whipsawing and making sudden ups and downs.


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